HP 12C

I was using my HP12C calculator yesterday and I realized that it is the same calculator I have owned since 1986.  In a time when we have come to view computers and related technology as things that become technically obsolete in 3-5 years, then thrown away and replaced by a newer, faster and cheaper device, I realized that I use the same calculator that I purchased over 25 years ago!  Further, it works great and I do not believe that there is a financial calculator on the market today that is more widely used than the venerable HP12C.  I actually have 3 of these calculators: the original purchased for around $75 in 1986 was manufactured in the USA; the other two are a brushed aluminum HP12C Platinum model and a HP12C Platinum “25th Anniversary Edition” dated 2006, indicating that the first models were made in 1981.  Both of the Platinum models were manufactured in China and purchased a few years ago at about the same $75 price.  I guess that some things are truly – ‘built to last’!

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